Our Top 10 Current Wedding Trends Countdown

wedding trends white willow wedding planners

10. Custom neon sign

Don’t get us wrong, just because this trend comes in at number 10, doesn’t mean we don’t love it just as much as the others. A custom sign with a favorite quote or your new last name to have forever!? Obsessed.

9. Dance floor wraps

We’re suckers for anything custom over here, especially when it comes to dance floor wraps. Who wouldn’t want a special dance floor for you and all your favorite people to dance the night away? We sure do!

8. Champagne tower

Now, whether it’s the real deal or just being used for the perfect photo op, a champagne tower will always be a fun eye-catching moment you and your guests.

7. Late night snack

Need we say more? Pizza after a night of dancing- yes please.

6. Black and White

A trend we never thought would come back, yet here we are. And we can’t get enough of it.

5. Babies breath

We know, we know. This trend might not be for everyone- and hey, that’s perfectly okay! Whether you love it or you love to hate it…there’s no escaping this trend, and we don’t want to!

4. Floral chandeliers

A chandelier…made out of…flowers? Yep. You got it. The perfect addition to your perfect day.

3. Lounge furniture

Whether it’s in the corner or in the middle of the room, we love a good lounge set. The perfect place for guests to kick back, relax and enjoy a cocktail…..or 3

2. Ceiling greenery

Although this comes in at number two, it might as well be tied for first, because we never want this trend to go out of style. It’s hard to not fall in love with the romantic, Italian-coast feel it gives a space.

1. Signature Drink wall

Coming in at number one, it goes without saying…we love a good drink wall (just look at our Instagram)- especially when it’s the couples’ go-to cocktail or favorite beer. This top trend of our’s is something we’ll never get sick of, and we hope you guys don’t either!

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